Vacation Pants Needed

I can’t believe it’s the end of 2014. Where did the year go? How did I get so old? How did I get so fat? Ugh, Christmas eating!!!

The great thing about being home in Massachusetts for two weeks is getting away from the bustle of Los Angeles and getting into the bustle of family and friends. I’m more exhausted than when I’m working!! But, I’m also incredibly happy to spend time with people who love me that I don’t get to see nearly often enough. I helped my grandparents make a donation to their church online. The look of amazement on their faces that you can do anything on “that computer” was priceless. In LA, everyone else is smarter than me at technology. Here, I am a wizard.

But I’ve still found time to be a little bit Hollywood. Today, I did my annual “Year End Wrap Up”. Each year, I sit down and make a list of all of my actor activity. It helps me suss out why I felt so busy, reminds me that I actually was productive, and helps me think about my goals for the next year. I thought I’d share some of the milestones:

  • 39 theatrical (TV/Film) auditions
  • 14 commercial auditions
  • 19 acting class meetings
  • 22 production/writing meetings
  • 12 actor accountability group meetings
  • 47 coachings (that’s me coaching other people)
  • 15 casting director workshops
  • BOOKINGS: 4 television shows, 2 web series, 2 commercials, 1 theater show, 2 readings
  • SELF CREATED PROJECTS: Real Make Believe, Gratuitous Violence (in progress), Accents for Actors, and 2 scenes for my new reel (in progress)
  • Total hours spent on just the above listed activities: 761 hours! (Which is the equivalent of 19 weeks of working a full-time job)
  • Money spent on acting career and projects: $13,642!!!!!
  • Money made on acting career and projects: Um…. 🙂

Just wanted to break it down and share the honest truth with you. Hope you enjoyed. Now, back to pigging out. Mmm, caramel apple pie. It’s good to be home.