Now THAT’S how you start the year!

I booked two jobs back to back and I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. Seriously. This business is so competitive, demoralizing, and tough. But then you book two jobs and you think, “You know, I could actually do this. I could be a SUPERSTAR!!!!!”. Wait, ego check needed.

The only way to survive being an actor is to try to find some way to live between the utter demoralization and the delusions of grandeur. Finding the middle ground is the name of the game. But until I find that middle ground, I’m going to coast on the joy before I have my next shitty audition!! Yay!!

On the set of “Jane the Virgin”, just a few days after Gina Rodriguez won the Golden Globe!! The lovely Jane Seymour (aka Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman) was a fellow guest cast member. And, to top it off, my former TV mom, Joanna Kerns of Growing Pains fame, was the director of the episode!






A quick photo with David Walton, star of “About a Boy” and fellow Brown alum!